by Rhenny

When I stare into the cosmosI don’t just espy the milky way,I see you too,And all I think is “I love you”Making me realize how much deeper I have fallen.

Who sat and watched my infant head – by Menomo

Who sat and watched my infant headWhen sleeping on my cradle bedShe smiled and tucked in my headAs she sang songs of a Western birdWho laid her eggs in a shedHer beautiful chicks, she beheldTears of sweet affection shedShe went out to fetch some breadWould give anything to get her chicks fedShe returned, as her […]

by Colossus

To cry without tearsTo wail without yellCould you see what’s not thereWould you help when I’m difficult to bear No hugs and kisses, where did fun go?, no x and o’sI wish u were right, I only did this for the attentionThen maybe I would make it as an actoror won’t wake up at nightswith […]

She is Woman – by Menomo

The banging sounds of the pistol against the mortarThe shriekings of the offspring for water“Folake, come and see your daughter”The resting place of them all, on her shoulderDifferent faces the world has showed-herHer eyes light up the internal glow of her loverHis sole source of gaietyIn the endless outburst of joy for the little thingsIn […]

by Rhenny

I don’t need you to be perfect,Your flaws won me alreadyFor as long as you remain you,I’d continue to serve you me “pleasantly hot”Not causing burns but a spark of passion

by Darren King

Sometimes, it’s only writing where I find…Peace of heartClarity of mindCarefree spiritAnd my best of friends